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dear men: not everything is about you

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How the world sees America.

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I would kill to be your clothes, cling to your body and hang from your bones

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when you want to look cute but don’t want to be harassed by men #justgirlythings

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i dont understand why people use gaylord as an insult maybe i want to be lord of the gays. bow down to me

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I fucking told you so

Attention: Joyce Manor played this tonight in Boston

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These hit the blunts tweets 😂😂💀

bruhhhhh the last two

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why feminism should include trans women


• they’re fucking women

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As part of my LUSH training “homework” I was sent home with some products and asked to write a tiny bit on what I experienced. (I think I may have over-shot it a bit to be perfectly honest but go big or go home am I right?)

The Granny Takes a Dip bath bomb provided a much needed escape after a long day on my feet with a complex combination of deep healing aromas, silky-soft touch, and brilliant kaleidoscope patterns. Combining lemon, black pepper, and ginger in the ingredients produces a comforting tingling sensation that works the muscles and warms the body from the inside out. The bath bomb tantalized the senses through dynamic mixtures of spice and citrus while steering clear of sensory overload.

Following up with the Grass shower gel brought me out of the tipsy haze my bath had landed me in, clearing my mind with a refreshing floral aroma and leaving me mentally sharp without causing any tension. The neroli and sandalwood oils in the product help to brighten the mood if you’re feeling glum and provided me with a huge confidence boost in my appearance (seriously, it made me feel significantly prettier). Stepping out of the shower, I felt thoroughly refreshed, squeaky clean, and alert.

And like most LUSH products, these cosmetics feature 100% vegan ingredients ;)

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destroy the idea that clothing has gender

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